SAFL faculty, staff, and students

interdisciplinary fluid mechanics

The central theme of research at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) is interdisciplinary fluid mechanics. We combine field experiments with physical and computational modeling, utilizing our building's unique facilities, to address emerging societal problems in energy, environmental restoration, and human and ecosystem health. We emphasize quantitative and predictive understanding of the underlying physical processes across a broad range of spatial and temporal scales.


Optimizing the performance of devices and facilities that harness energy from water, air and biological sources.


Research Areas:

Wind energy

Water power

Algal-based biofuels



Exploring how fluid and sediment dynamics of surface processes interact with biological and chemical processes.


Research Areas:

River & stream restoration

Delta sustainability

Watershed management

Water resource management


Probing the links between blood flow and disease pathways, and the optimization of medical devices and surgical planning.


Research Areas:

Cardiovascular fluid mechanics

Medical devices

Virtual surgery