SAFL faculty, staff, and students
Friday, October 19, 2012 - 3:30pm

Lorenz G. Straub Award Ceremony Distinguished Speaker: Eckart Meiburg, Professor and Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Fluids, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Santa Barbara

Lorenz G. Straub Award Recipient: Jorge D. Abad, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, for his 2008 Ph.D. dissertation, "Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics in Kinoshita Meandering Channels" from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

NOTE: Visit the Warren Lecture Series webpage to access the link and instructions for the live stream of the Straub Ceremony and Seminar.

We will present an overview of high-resolution, Navier-Stokes based simulations of gravity and turbidity currents. The turbidity currents are driven by particles that have negligible inertia and are much smaller than the smallest length scales of the buoyancy-induced fluid motion. For the mathematical description of the particulate phase an Eulerian approach is employed, with a transport equation for the particle-number density.

We will discuss differences between two- and three-dimensional turbidity current dynamics, and we will introduce some effects due to complex topography. Results will be shown regarding the unsteady interaction of a gravity current with a submarine structure, such as a pipeline. Furthermore, we will discuss the linear stability problem of channel and sediment wave formation by turbidity currents.